About Us

Regalo is the outcome of an entrepreneurial bug that bit us somewhere in the middle of the year 2017. We sensed the need for a gifting company that not only catered to a person’s emotional expressions for others but made one feel the need to pamper oneself as well.

After spending several months meeting artisans, trusts, vendors and making trips to places that are known only to the discerning few, we arrived at what an ideal product mix could look like. Each product or source had a story - some sources had stories of struggle, some products had a certain uniqueness, some places had the story of will power and survival and it is said that the will to succeed shows in what you create. 

We consciously sought products to give back to the environment. With recycling as our motto, now our effort is to offer products that not only thrill you with the rugged looks but also generates a feel good factor. We truly believe that ‘every product in on this site unfolds a story.’